‘Madness’ makes Batanda’s dreams come true by Racheal Ninsiima


Photo credit: Edward Echwalu

Success is measured differently by different people.

For some, it is the contentment that comes with putting food on the table; for others, it is the sought-after job promotion, and yet others it is fame and wealth.

But for the outspoken, bespectacled and fair-skinned Jackee Budesta Batanda, it is the ecstasy that comes with living one’s dream. Her success as a writer, a dream she has nurtured since childhood, is awe-inspiring.

It won her some of the world’s coveted awards such as the Macmillan Writer’s prize which recognizes unpublished African fiction for children and the 2004 African regional winner for the Commonwealth short story competition.

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Can a writer earn a living in Uganda?

By David Tumusiime

My good friend, David Tumusiime, interviews me and other writers on the state of writing in Uganda.

 In Uganda, yes. Most Ugandan writers have “graduated” from journalism to the state they aspired to in the beginning.

So the question remains; is it possible to earn a decent living as a writer in Uganda? By decent, money enough to afford two meals a day for themselves and their dependents, rent or live in a neighborhood that does not just escape the tag of slumming suburbia. And also, be able to go for the necessary medical checkups and afford competent medical care. Furthermore, if they wish, drive a car or ride a bike or even use the public means of transport without too great a strain on their resources.

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