On the streets, Rocky and Lacosta dream of a music career

Sylvester Masiba (Rocky) and Lucky Ndaba (Lacosta) have been brought together by a mutual love for music.
Photo: Jackee Budesta Batanda

Sylvester Masiba (27), whose music name is Rocky, is one of the homeless migrants who go to the Tshwane Leadership Foundation every day for breakfast. He also benefits from the Tuesday evening soup kitchens. We first meet in the Foundation dining room, where we wait for other homeless men to come and participate in the research.

Donning a dirty cream hooded sweatshirt and black jeans, Masiba carries an air of confidence. He asks to know what the program is about. I explain to him that we are interested in having a conversation about their experiences on the street and to assess their vulnerabilities.

Masiba looks me straight in the eye and says that being on the street does not mean that they have no dreams or wishes.

Read more: Mail & Guardian

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