Uganda: a summer of contradictions

Uganda seems to thrive on contradictions. A couple of weeks ago, we were celebrating Uganda’s second-ever Olympic gold by the hitherto unknown athlete Stephen Kiprotich, who broke the 40-year-wait since Uganda’s previous gold. For many of us, he was the salvation from the negative press we were receiving in the international media regarding the Ebola outbreak earlier in the summer — and how poorly it was handled. However, on the same day of Kiprotich’s win, a team from the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, part of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) peacekeeping troops in Somalia, crashedinto Mt. Kenya; they were on their way to launch an assault on the al-ShabaabIslamic militant group operating in Somalia. Several versions of the crash have come out, but we still await the final version of what exactly happened.

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