Speaking out

The violations committed during the conflict in northern Uganda have  been the unspoken truth we have avoided for long. In this moving documentary the Refugee Law Project produced in commemoration of the International Human Rights Day, survivors start to speak out on their experiences.

The documentary producer and editor, Patrick Otim, posted on his Facebook, “The guns in Northern Uganda have gone silent, a new war is being unearthed. The people have started to speak about the atrocities they experienced after over 2 decades of armed conflict. Watch this testimony that I put together in doing work on Sexual and Gender Based Violence. What do you think? What if it were you? How can this damage ever be repaired?” The questions Otim raises present an opportunity for soul searching as a nation.

1 thought on “Speaking out

  1. OMG!!! I am shocked by such atrocities…I have always heard of the injustices and evil done by the army during the war, but i never imagined they went this far! May God have mercy and heal Uganda!

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